A Whirlwind of Broken Glass and Shattered Dreams

Christmas Eve. The sushi is consumed. Reindeer food and cookies laid out. Gifts under the tree. Work was work, though very mellow today. Tomorrow I get to spend part of the day with my girl. The other part? I'll spend it with myself. Not always the best place to be, but I should be coasting off her excitement for a good part of it. I want to rest so this cough goes away, but if it is like everyone else's, I'll have this for a month.

Our governor, that mush-mouthed motherfucker who governs as well as he acts, is attacking all things Social Services (re: special interests) again, and playing Enron-like games with the budget. Next year is apparently his last year in office (unless something like cancer or a bullet ends it earlier). It can't some soon enough. The guy constantly attacks the poor as if they are the reason California's budget is in the fucking toilet. It's not. There are several reasons why it is broken (deregulation of the power industry, out of control worker's compensation cases, the housing crisis to name just a few), but the poor is not one of them.

Schwarzenegger is supposed to present his budget by January 8. One can only imagine what will be in this one. For a guy that comes across as a moderate Republican, he acts like an Italian dictator trying to operate within a democracy.

Cancer or a bullet. God I hate this fucker.


Deleted said...

i really don't follow politics a whole lot cuz i find it all quite depressing but it seems since arnold has been in office, the decisions made had the feel of those made by someone flying blind...taking a shot in the dark and hoping for the best. will be interesting to see what happens.

-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

His decisions, I believe, come at as from a role he has created for himself. That of the stern father. No surprise as he has played roles most of his life.

Taking a shot in the dark and flying blind works if you are in a state that can afford to do such things. Rhode Island, for example. It doesn't work with one of the largest economies in the world. That said, he has some good ideas and is open to progressive thinking, though he suffers from short term vision, as do most politicians.

Attacks on the poor are a short term solution to long term problems. It's easy to pick on these people because they don't have many defenders, the voting public misunderstands the systems in place for them and the problems, and people suffer from "better them than me."

Politics is so tied to capitalism now, which has invaded every aspect of our lives, that it is now literally a matter of ecology. Everything affects everything. It is all linked, and I think he fails to see that. He still separates "them" from "us."

Amazing and scary. There is such a disconnect from the people who serve and the people they serve. Politicians forget this, and they shouldn't. They need to be reminded.

Until we get a system in place like anarchist syndicalism, but that day is far off ...