Mortal Combat

Another Monday rears its festering, drooling head. My cough has not subsided. I have not checked e-mail yet to see if I have a status update on the manuscript.

Storms are on their way in, which is always good. I'm not one of those sunshine people. Sure, it's nice every once in a while, but the rain always makes me feel comfortable. Sun leaves me exposed.

There is a business in Eureka called Dogs Made Hot. It's a dog grooming facility. It sounds like something else. It being Humboldt, it could be both. I wonder what made the owners choose that name. Was Desire This Dog taken?

6:42 and I can disguise the fact that Monday is here no matter how hard I try. I look at Mondays as warfare. If I can make it through the day, I can handle the rest of the week. It's not just a work thing, either. Everyone's attitude changes on Monday. The world gets ready for business. The chipper motherfuckers ask if your weekend was long enough. (These are the same people that see you sweating your ass off and ask, "Hot enough for you?" There is a special place in Hell for them, where idiotic questions are asked all day long ... and they are forced to answer or a pea-size piece of flesh is ripped from their bodies.) There are people who love what Monday represents. They also think politicians make a difference and the police are there for our safety.

My back is on fire. I have been coughing like mad, which has put me in this position. I vacuumed yesterday and that didn't help, either. I think I need a pain pill with me today. I hate that, but I don't see any other way. If I don't, I can't work. I'm sure of that. It took me twenty minutes to get out of bed.

Monday. KTVU shows the traffic in the Bay Area. It looks like a moving Christmas tree. I think of how many people trapped in those cars hate their jobs, but are stuck in them for one reason or another. How many are just pushing the buttons hoping for something better? How many hope to really make a difference in the world? How many don't care?

Pam Cook, a newscaster, seems thrilled to announce that Avatar is still number one at the box office. The movie looks like crap to me, but who knows? I have no desire to see it. James Cameron, the man behind Titanic, is a tool.

Enjoy the trenches. Lock and load.

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Deleted said...

"near, far, wherever you are, i believe that the heart does go on, once more you open the door and you're here in my heart..." blah blah blah puke. anyone who would allow a celine dion track onto the soundtrack of their movie ought to be shot. cameron's a tool, indeed. i actually don't have much of a desire to see avatar either although i would have gone if asked.
you will be missed tomorrow but i am glad you're taking a day. and remember what you told me you'd do. i will inquire and don't try to b.s. me.
"you spin me right round baby right round like a record baby round round right round."