Old Town Burns

Received ominous reverse 911 call. Large structure fire in Old Town, Eureka. Hope Celebrity Watchdog is okay. Would love to see the Schooner or Heroin Hilton burn, though.


George Anthony said...

Thankfully the fire was located a couple of blocks away from my humble abode.

Not sure of the exact location, but the fiery trucks and their purty lights were all situated on the same block that Mazzotti's is located on.

So, unfortunately, the Schooner and Heroin Hilton stand strong in 2010. Proof that there is a God?

-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

It was apparently above the Bead Shoppe. Owned by a lesbian, I think. Definitely proof there is a god! (Though why it wouldn't go after Aunty Mo's is beyond me ...)