Tonight We Murder

If you recognize the title of this post, kudos to you. You are cooler than people give you credit for. If not, it's okay. Nobody will hold it against you. I now have two days to get a bunch of shit done that I should have got done days ago, and I'm getting sicker. I sounded like a two pack a day smoker this morning, and coughed up some stuff I'm pretty sure was alien in nature. (I pictured spitting it outside and watching as a bird flew down to examine it. The mucous would then come to life and grab the bird in, pulling it into its mass like the Blob.) I'm also hoping to send out the manuscript tonight or tomorrow. Have other plans that need attending, too.

It's the most wonderful time of the year, he says while loading his clip.

My coffee is going as cold as my heart. I smell bacon. I only had three pieces. I want more. I like seeing the slabs of preserved meat lined up on my plate. Biting into its comforting crispness. Feeling it crunch between my teeth. You never feel more animal than when you are eating meat.

I have the new Writer's Market sitting on my desk. If this publisher I am sending to rejects it, I will hit up every publisher of horror in that book. It's a mission. I need to get it out there. I need to take more steps so that I don't have to keep doing what I'm doing to pay the bills. It is necessary.

I got an e-mail on the previous post already. That's almost record time. Again, no comment on here, but an e-mail taking me to task for thinking "entertainment is bad." I don't think entertainment is "bad." I just think a steady diet of it is less than ideal. I find it sad that some people don't get inspired by works of art, that limit their input because of things like subtitles or genres. I find it disturbing that people not only don't like thinking about what they are seeing, but are proud that they don't. If that's what people took from that post, they are right. If they think I don't like entertainment, they are very, very wrong.

Okay, let the day begin.

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Nikki said...

Not getting into the whole "entertainment vs. art" argument because I'm tired, but I do want to make a comment on one point you made. Why wouldn't I limit my input based on genre or subtitles? You already know why I don't watch subtitles and actually it kind of sucks for me because there are plenty of movies I'd love to watch if I could get past that. But as for genres, of course I limit my input based on genres because I know I'm not going to like it if it's in a genre that I don't care for. I don't like torture movies or total gorefests. I find them incredibly boring, absurdly disgusting and repetitive. So why would I bother renting one?

There are millions of books, movies and TV shows out there. No one has time to watch or read every single one, so we make decisions based on our personal preferences. There is nothing sad or wrong with that.

Yes, some people just have what others would perceive to be extremely bad taste. I find it somewhat disturbing that anyone on the planet found "Freddy Got Fingered" even remotely worth watching and I don't understand the appeal of Antonio Banderas (is he still around?) But very few people embrace every genre out there, and I don't see that as a problem.