Arizona Death Tripping

My daughter is asleep. She's got her doll. A documentary on the "real wolfman" plays on the television. I could use a Coke.

Was at the drug store tonight looking at air mattresses. Good to have one on hand for whatever. Thinking about my manuscript, an e-mail I've tried to write like eight times, and wondering if I should get Chapstick. I've had problems with that stuff in the past, but I keep licking my lips like a drunk, and they are getting cracked. So all this stuff is running through my head when I saw them.

They are in line ahead of us. Two women. Late twenties. Their only purchase? A half gallon of Caramel Delight ice cream. They are very excited about this ice cream, and very happy with the price. The clerk, a guy a few years younger then them, greets them like he thinks he has a chance.

It's fun watching these dances. Makes me feel good in my alienation from their world.

Dealt with a near migraine today. I felt it coming. Quickly took medicine. Avoided disaster. Watching these two women makes me wish I had that migraine. They are way too happy to have this ice cream. If it were a deer, they would have it mounted above the computer desk, a permanent reminder of the deal they got.

What kind of life is that? What is your life like when you get positively animated over the price of a half gallon of ice cream? Does cancer exist? STDs? Serial rapists? Was this the best thing that happened all day? What kind of jobs must they have where ice cream from the drug elicits this much joy? Perhaps they are in charge of watching paint dry.

I know it's the small things that make life tolerable. I get that. I understand that good ice cream can be expensive. Been there. I don't get, however, how it becomes a symbol of all that is pure and holy in the world. Two minutes spent praising its price is one hundred and ten seconds too long.

I also know I'll never get it. I don't live in that world. No complaints there, though. I would never get used to the territory, and I believe the people are a little too psychopathic for my tastes. More power to those of you who stay there, though. It can't be all bad. At least you get cheap ice cream.


Nikki said...

Wow, you can find fault even in people excited about the prospects of eating inexpensive caramel delight ice-cream? That's kind of sad and very judgmental.

Maybe they had a bad week and this was something they were planning to do together to unwind. Eat some ice-cream, watch a chick-flick, forget that life sucks for a few hours. Maybe they've been short on money and this great price meant the difference between that small treat and going without. Everyone deserves a small treat once in a while.

I get excited over a good deal because it's one little thing in an otherwise shitty world that has gone right. In fact, I get downright giddy when I see that I've saved 60% off my grocery bill through coupons and sales, or when I find a toy for Jake on sale for $5 when it was originally $30. I take my moments of happiness wherever I can get them, and if it happens to come over a low price on some sort, so be it. I would hope there isn't a guy in line behind me assuming that I don't have a life or understand the severity of cancer just because I am happy in the moment with the small joy I have found.

Oh, and I strongly recommend that you avoid Chapstick. It was hard work breaking you of those bad habits 20 years ago. Try some Aquaphor or something a little less addictive and drying.

-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

I am nothing but judgmental.

Nikki said...
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Nikki said...

Deleted my last post because the cursor jumped and I typed my password in, then it posted somehow with my post. Ooops. Anyway, it wasn't important. I've had a really hard day, I don't have the energy for another long comment.