Another Lonely Christmas

If you recognize that title, you know how sad a song that is. I made it through Valentine's Day. Got to spend two lovely hours with my daughter. Saw her vice parents for a few (and had a lovely dinner with them). Talked to my friends. A lot of good. Helped to keep me from forgetting the pain.

Got high speed Internet finally. Got Skype (look me up). Both should help me connect with people I don't know and have no connection to.

It's a cold night. I have no body to snuggle next to. I miss that. I miss rubbing a woman's back or feet because she had a tough day. I miss exchanged glances. I miss connecting like a human should connect. "Grindhouse" is on. I last watched this with The Girl.

Cold night. Valentine's Day. The world at my fingertips. There's no reason to be lonely, but every night is another lonely Christmas.

I thought of a new motto for our currency. "Unending Misery." 


Anonymous said...
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-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

You've said a lot. Sorry I was sleeping when you called. I take it where I can get it these days.

Skype is an online phone. Kind of cool ... except when drunk/high Germans call. Strange.

I think I'm going to become a hard ally with single. I don't know how to meet people and not sure I care to. You know how all relationships work out in the end.

I do want to see "Watchmen," actually. I think it looks incredibly well-done. Must mean I'll be disappointed.

We will talk later.

Your people aren't so much invisible as they are forgotten. It's beyond depressing. Moved past insulting. Gotta love a government that consistently screws over large groups of people in the name of progress. Let's see how that's working out these days ...

elistia said...

these days i only whore myself...which isn't nearly as lucrative. but i agree..think about the book fair. i've never been to one.
3-14 was my tentative tattoo day so i'll get ya one way or another (if it's not your Asia day).

-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

If I don't have Asia it may be a do, but the tattoo date is important. Magic in that date.