From Hell

3/3/09. As I sit here awake (because I was tired a half hour ago, but now wide awake due to a phone call), I think to this date.

Nashville Pussy "From Hell to Texas" will be released.

I love Nashville Pussy. First, it's a great name for a band that guarantees no airplay on most radio stations. Then there's the music. Rock 'n' roll from the dirty South.

I look forward to this release. I'm hoping the publicist will send me a copy (I usually get them from this band), but I'm not counting on it. I believe it will be a great release, as the band doesn't put out weak shit.

Kind of wish I had an advance copy now. I could listen to it while drifting off. Wonder what kind of dreams I'd have. Probably involve Smart Food, eating (not Smart Food) and screaming. Nashville Pussy does that to you.

So do some phone calls.

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