A Diet Plan That Actually Works

Up until this week I was losing two pounds a week. This week I think it started to show, so I weighed myself. I'm now losing three pounds a week. I fear by Sunday it will be up to four.

Today I have something to do that I'm not exactly looking forward to. I asked a friend to go along with me (the same said friend I've been writing about), and she declined. I asked for a reason, and the fact that she said no kind of pissed me off considering all the times I've been there for her. But on the plus side, I think she still wants me to buy her lunch those few days before a new pay check. Hey, pig ...

Got three hours of sleep last night. One less than my typical number now. Didn't throw up yesterday, though. Also did not eat much. My daughter was with me. That's when I tend to eat (besides snacking at work). I remember to eat then.

My back is killing me, which hasn't been happening lately. I usually have intense back pain with stress, and that has had me puzzled. It's nice to know that has returned, though.

So for all you people trying to lose weight: Don't eat, don't sleep, throw up as much as you can, get stressed to the max. The results are truly amazing. Don't forget to drink cheap coffee black, and let caffeine fuel you.

Anyone want to donate to my tattoo fund? I need $100 dollars, which on my budget is not easy to do (also trying to save up some spending money for a trip to SoCal, among other things). I need some physical pain and a reminder of what life is all about, so I went to my daughter's vice parent (an amazing tattooist and piercer), gave him an idea and got a price. It's actually the very first tattoo I ever really wanted. It's going to be on my left arm. The Black Flag bars with a line for the band's cover of "Louie, Louie." "Who needs love when you've got a gun?"

Coffee is turning my stomach at this moment. Cheap. Black. Pure. Chemicals raging through a ravaged system. Eyes not staying open.

Let the day begin ...

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elistia said...

do you know when you're getting it done yet? i kind of wonder if i should see one getting done before i make my final decision.
thinking about gettin one has been the first thing i've been excited about in a long time. i think it's all about the pain but now i'm wondering if it's cheating...somehow a different version of indulging in my old habit.
when i talked to my sister, at first she was discouraging until i told her what i wanted to get. then she said, "that's so you." been fascinated by that number for as long as i can remember.
lord, the jalepenos are burnin my stomach!