AT and T At Death's Door

I freed myself today. The cable guy said, "You are no longer an AT and T customer." I then launched into the story as he slowly made his way backward toward the door. He was scared, and I was mad. My arms were pumping up and down in excitement.

"And in conclusion," I said, "fuck AT and T!"

He seemed relieved I was done ranting, and then told me how the phone giant was losing customers and didn't seem to understand that it had competition.

Yeah, that felt good.

Had a really rough day today. It took exactly one minute at work to get pissed off at people's never ending stupidity. I wanted to put my fist through someone's face. Through the teeth and out the back of the skull, blood, bone and brain matter stuck to my knuckles.

That would've felt good, but probably would've caused a report to be written, and I can't do that to my supervisor, who deserves better than I've been given. I'm at the end of my rope with this job. I don't want to be an uncaring worker, but these fuckers make it so hard. Clients. Policy. Everything else. Lately it seems designed to irritate me.

My sister comes out tomorrow. Don't know how much I'll get to write while she is here. Probably very little.

I wish I were anywhere else right now. Well, actually I have a specific place in mind. An oasis. A place where things will be right.

I believe a decision has been reached in the ongoing saga. The story draws toward a new chapter, and I am no longer an AT and T customer. One more bill with those cancer-ridden cannibals. Maybe I'll send my payment with lice or crab eggs in it.

Now that would be mean, wouldn't it?

It's a thought, but I don't want to infest some sucker who probably hates the company as much as I do. To all AT and T employees who may read this: Steal as much shit as you can. You deserve it. And if this offended you, dear employee, I hope you're the one getting stolen from.

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