Voodoo Update

Received the following e-mail. It looks like things are getting better. I'm just running the English one.

dear friends & supporters

First of all i'd like to thank all of you for your support.

we are overwhelmed and humbled by this wave of solidarity.

Here's the lowdown:

The suisa has agreed to re-evaluate their demands based

on papers we have handed relating to their assessment basis.

This will result in much needed relief and it will give us additonal

time to solve the problems at hand.

We'll keep you posted.

Until then we shall remain with the utmost respect and full of gratitude for
your relentless support.

Voodoo Rhythm Benefit shows:

Thursday, 05.02.09

Voodoo Rhythm Benefit Show at L'Ecurie, CH

Pirate Love

Friday, 06.02.09

Voodoo Rhythm Benefit Show at St. Pauli Bar, Zurich, CH

Admiral James T. / Urban Junior / Les ReBelles Burlesque

Wednesday, 11.02.09

Voodoo Rhythm Benefit Show at Usine, Geneve, CH


Thursday, 12.02.09

Voodoo Rhythm Benefit Show at Chateau Carton, CH

Zeno Tornado & Boney Google Bros.

Friday, 13.02.09

Voodoo Rhythm Benefit Show at Reithalle, Bern, CH

The Monsters / Allschwil Posse / The Seniles

Big Bang Boogie / The Twobadours

"Sonic Nightmares" DJ Team

Friday, 13.02.09

Voodoo Rhythm Benefit Show at L'Erethik, Nantes, F

Birds Are Alive / New Kids Balnave

DJ's Harry Powell, Pere Pinard, Smalljet

Thursday, 19.02.09

Voodoo Rhythm Benefit Show at ISC, Bern, CH

Reverend Beat Man & Money Losers / Zeno Tornado & Boney Google Bros.

Church Of Herpes DJ Team

Friday, 20.02.09

Voodoo Rhythm Benefit Show at Patronaat, Harlem, NL

Peter Pan Speedrock / Stinky Lou & The Goon Mat / Sixtyniners

The Pedro Delgados / The Sore Loosers / E.T. Explore Me / Low Point Drains /

Saturday, 21.03.09 TBA

Voodoo Rhythm Benefit Show in Hasselt, B

El Guapo Stunt Team / 50 Foot Combo

Damned if this doesn't make me wish I lived overseas.


elistia said...

i think it's time you introduce me to some music...
where should i start?

-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

God, where to start? For pure, raw, blues, country (not like you would think of -- I'm talking backwoods), Possessed by Paul James. For rock with a little punk, The Monsters. For something like Screamin' Jay Hawkins or The Time, King Kahn and His Shrines, Reverend Beat-Man in any incarnation is good. Hipbone Slim. Anything on that label, honestly. I've never been disappointed. There are songs on its website, too.