25 Facts

Inspired by my dear friend's blog, which was in turn inspired by someone else's blog, which was in turn inspired by ... Jesus!

1. I like to think I have fairly eclectic music tastes. I have everything from Prince to GG Allin in my collection. At times I think I am the only person locally with a certain CD ... and I believe that's actually right. (Does anyone else in Humboldt have Possessed by Paul James or Diesel Rhino?)

2. I've always like the Marvel character Daredevil because he was always on the brink of insanity only to be pulled back at the last moment. I realize now that's because it's how I best operate.

3. Even when I hate my job, I do the best possible work I can do. Don't know why, but I think it has to do with my believe that reputation goes a long way.

4. I named my daughter after Asia Argento, a woman I find fascinating, strong and artistic. These were all things I wanted my daughter to be.

5. While I think I treat women with a lot of respect, I also prefer my sex to be on the dirty side. I see no reason why the two can't be combined.

6. I've never smoked pot, never did acid, and have never snorted coke. I also have never attempted to finish a Tab.

7. I believe murder is often justified ... but not when the state does it.

8. I think smart women are sexy, dumb women are annoying, and body size is nowhere near as important as attitude.

9. I will fight the Presidents of the United States if I ever meet that band, and I think I can take them.

10. I prefer amateur porn to the pro stuff.

11. I do not believe in God, but I think that people who declare themselves to be atheists tend to give organized religion more attention and respect than it deserves.

12. I'm registered Republican, but only so I can take part of their surveys and vote in their primaries ... for the worst candidate.

13. I once played a series of pranks on our local weatherman ... six years apart. And I got caught.

14. The one manuscript I spent the least amount of time on is the one that actually got published ("Pocket Aces: The Newbie's Guide to Online Texas Hold 'Em" if you care.)

15. I really, really don't like hippies who live off trust funds and the kindness of others.

16. I once called a drunk, vomiting homeless man a "human pig" and threatened to cut him with a broken bottle.

17. I rarely call the police, but when I do I like to ensure they'll do something, so I threaten them with taking action myself. I've threatened to burn down a junkie's truck, drag a mattress into the street, cut the electric to a building, run a person over and so on. I have never gotten in trouble.

18. I have used 911 to sic some cops on some drunk guy that woke me up one morning. I told them the guy was drunk, described his car to the dispatcher, and then said the man loudly declared he would "kill any pig" that tried to stop him. I wish I would've seen that traffic stop.

19. I once gave a co-worker a heart attack and killed him.

20. I believe in the possibilities of ghosts, UFOs, and Bigfoot. I also believe in the possibilities of alternate universes. ´╝ędon't believe in God, though, and that seems kind of hypocritical.

21. I do think I would be a serial killer if I didn't write. At the very least, I'd be hurting people.

22. At least once a month I think I have cancer or some other ailment that will kill me. I will not, however, go to the doctor.

23. I never wanted a child, but now that I have my daughter I can't picture life without her. She means the world to me.

24. I'm very bad at math. Very bad. I do make some great garlic chipotle mashed potatoes, however, and actually got my recipe in "Cooks Illustrated."

25. I like scaring people into thinking they are going to die or be hurt. I have pretended to car jack people, push them into traffic, and beat them to death with a log. I don't do this as much anymore because it seems slightly psychotic.


Anonymous said...

How did you get caught by Jim Bearnad (intential misspelling)? Did it get too crazy or is he smarter than any of us suspected?

Trevlyn said...

How did you get caught by Jim Bearnad (intential misspelling)? Did it get too crazy or is he smarter than any of us suspected?

-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

He traced an e-mail back to me. I thought you knew that.

elistia said...

i didn't know she was named after argento. huh. lil bit o trivia..
sorry my blog tried to choke your machine out.

Nikki said...

You never cease to amuse me!

-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

No worries on the "blog jam," a phrase I just coined. And yes, that is the person I named her after. I am in love with the name and the family.

And as for amusing you, Nikki -- you seem to be the only one I do that to these days. Everyone else is just "concerned."

elistia said...

you dont read people as well as i thought you did...
by the way, you were well spoken of this evening at the bowling alley (i don't know how i get talked into these things--i HATED being there).

-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

If bowling was involved, so was Troy. It's good to get involved sometimes. Led to us talking more (stupid restraining order aside).

I think I am a good reader of people most of the time, but I have made mistakes. I believe this was my quote just a few short years ago. "What's the worse Bush could do? He seems like an okay guy."


elistia said...

the restraining order angered me...don't like to have any limitations on my actions. then i remembered that i am above the law...thug style.
concerned is only one of the things i am when it comes to you. i can think of some other people for whom that is true too but i should only speak for myself. my concern is born out of bigger, more flattering opinions of you. and pure, unadulterated selfishness.
i must ignore the bush bit.
time to feed the owls ice cream.

-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

Concerned. Got up at 5 yesterday. Look at the time I'm posting this.