This Ain't No Blues Show

Blues by the Bay. Humboldt County. Something like 13 years strong. I've been to a few. Haven't been super impressed. I prefer my blues old, if you know what I mean. It does bring a lot of people here, and we can use the tourism dollars (at least until pot is decriminalized). I hate the traffic it brings, though, and the snobbery. Snob-like behavior is less than the jazz festival (where it reigns supreme), but there is some of it. You can always tell who isn't from around here when a homeless person nears. The tourists look like someone is approaching them holding the head of Sammy Davis Jr. by one ear. The locals don't give a fuck.

Two days of solid, yet uninspired blues does not an event make. It raises money and awareness of the area, so that is good. Waiters and waitresses make good tips at the local restaurants, so that's good, too. As for everything else ... well, it's Humboldt. We're always going to be a depressed area, and if that ain't the stuff of a blues song I don't know what is.


Jennifer McKenzie said...

LOL!!! When I went to Blues By The Bay, the lady next to us offered us a joint. Not my thing, but I wasn't surprised.
And one of the homeless guys there provided some of the best dancing. Screw the snobs. As the Redneck would say "They ain't from around here."
But then, I've lived here 15 years and he still says I'm a newcomer. LOL.

-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

So nice to have a comment from you! I am honored, and thank you. I've been here close to the same time and am still an outsider.