9/2/09 Town Hall Meeting on Health Care Reform in Humboldt

I'm watching the replay of Eureka's town hall meeting on health care reform with the stereotypical politician Mike Thompson. This is far better than the coverage given on KIEM. The crowds, many of them fanning themselves (copies of the Constitution, perhaps) and yelling over people. It's not as crazy as some of what I've seen in other places. Nobody in a wheelchair is getting heckled. At one point, Thompson pulled a small boy out of the crowd and hit him with a hammer. He declared, "If he has no health care, he will die!"

The crowd went ballistic. Some applauded. One man screamed, "Let him fend for himself." He tore a cell phone out of an obese woman's hands as she tried to dial 911.

The boy was eventually dragged out of the room.

A Santa Claus clone then takes to the microphone and talks about being turned down for insurance and wanted to know if the reform would tackle that issue. Thompson gave the stock answer, and Santa sat back down. Not sure why Santa needs insurance. He's magic.

Thompson looks like a bird.

A Jewish woman named Nicole who is a writer gets up. Jews take a risk anytime they stand up around angry people. If there's no blacks or openly homosexual people around, the anger can turn to them. Nicole talks about getting Medi-Cal and how she now has health insurance through her job, but still likes the single payer plan. That plan is off the table, though. Sorry, Nicole. Hey, at least the crowd didn't start talking about Nazis.

A milquetoast guy stands up. He is nervous. He says he reads everything he signs. With the amount of time it took him to get his point across, I definitely believe that. Fucker probably reads his grocery receipt in line, too, as your ice cream melts.

Thompson just violated HIPPA. Talked about what kind of health insurance his wife has. Maybe not a gross violation of HIPPA, but she should kick his lily white, wrinkled ass.

The camera pans over the crowd. I see Dave LaRue. I know him. My guess is he is against health care reform, most likely because Fox or Limbaugh told him so.

Now a guy is talking about how he hates his insurance. He is taking people to task for their support of the insurance companies. Very articulate. He should be behind the microphone and not Thompson. Thompson is a suit. An ineffectual suit.

Thompson takes another question. His answer veers into a discussion about bleeding nipples and an unhealthy fascination with Internet porn. Thompson references "Two Girls, One Cup," but calls it "Two Women With a Cup." "It's disgusting," he says. "Have you seen this? I have. Several times. I'm disgusted. These are nice looking ladies. They don't have to do that. Nobody has to do that. This is the society we are in." The crowd is going nuts. They are screaming at him to get back on topic. I can't hear him. Then I hear, "... and they do this in a cup!"

The meeting is back under control, or as close to control as it can come.

I'm done. This nonsense needs to run its course.

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