A Predator In Every Park

Eureka's Sequoia Park isn't bad as far as parks go. I hate most public parks, and this is no exception, but it is nice. Last month there was at least one youth group using the park during the day.

I heard this from a woman whose son worked one of these youth camp deals. The kids were all playing some kind of hide and seek game where they had to make a noise (maybe that of a bird), when the counselor heard someone in the woods making the same noise. He checks it out and what does he find? Some guy hiding behind a tree making the same noise in the hopes that he could lure a kid over to him to "play."

If you're a parent and didn't shudder, you're probably a tweaker wondering how you can profit from the exploitation of your child. (Yeah, like that doesn't happen in Eureka.)

The counselor handled it appropriately, professionally. Had it been me I would've plunged a twig three inches into his eye. It makes me wonder, too, if it wasn't one of the man sex offenders that live nearby.

Humboldt has some weird people. Perversion runs deep. I normally don't mind that, but draw the line at kids. (I don't care if people want to have "relations" with animals. I think age of consent laws are a joke. And if people want to urinate on each other, I'll grab the camera. So don't think I'm a prude.) I worked in the Pleasure Center years before it was a corporate sex shop, so I got to see the lovely underbelly of Eureka's already disgusting citizens. It doesn't surprise me that this guy hung out in the park. If I was into kids I'd go there, too. What bothers me is how bold he was. If he's that bold there, you can bet he's molested some kids somewhere in the past. My guess is his future isn't going to be spotless, either.

I still think he should have been beat, though. Think of it as preventative medicine.

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