Can I Play With Madness?

Four cars at the Corner of S and Harris here in lovely Eureka, California. Of the four cars, two drivers (both, ironically, female) are texting as the cars creep forward. Just a scant few days ago I was almost hit by a woman on her cell phone as she pretended to drive.

I fear the next one who comes close to hitting me is going to end up with her/his phone down her/his throat.

On an unrelated note, had a wonderful dinner last night with my supervisor and her friend. Played a good prank on the friend that was spoiled by my supervisor's inability to keep a straight face. Excellent conversation ensued ... after the out-of-town visitor got her senses back. (Welcome to Eureka! We're all a bit mad here.)

My daughter is napping. The rain has gone away. The sun shines. Really feeling the need to go get a burrito at Chapparita. Just hope I don't get hit by someone Twittering as they zoom to the Co-Op. Fuckers.


Deleted said...

okay okay...so i couldn't keep my poker face on. i think if it was anybody else we were playing the prank on, i would have been fine. but she's my best friend, my sister. and i just didn't expect that face from her.
i woke up this morning and we were laying around, reading. i started laughing hysterically, recalling that look. i laughed until i cried. thank you for that.
she met kelly today. i told her that she'd officially met my favorite people in humboldt county. i thank you again for sharing some of your time with us.

-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

You know that look you saw on her face? I live for that stuff. That is the look someone gets when their reality changes.

I thank you for letting be in on all that. Like I commented on your blog, I felt third wheel, but not in a bad way.

Thank you.

Deleted said...

i felt really comforted having you there. it meant so much to me to have her meet you. you stuck around for a while and conversated...bonus. so yeah, i was in my element. i'm pretty selective about who i introduce to to my family (which, i include alexis as part of my family). i'm kind of weird about that sort of thing. big surprise--me, being weird about something.
i can't believe you felt like a third wheel...we're still talking about some of the topics that came up and she's commented that you really got her thinking. she also said it'd probably be real hard to argue with you.
i am just going to selfishly type that it was wonderful for me and i thought you were awesome with us, despite how she and i can be.
only thing that would have made friday evening absolutely perfect is if i hadn't broken so quickly and easily so i could see what kind of material you'd come up with. i'm kicking myself.
i read your comment aloud to her & she finds it hard to believe that i am not the me that i am with her. i'll tell ya though, i don't think other people would have necessarily seen as much of that other side of me as you saw. you're golden.

-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

I felt like a third wheel only because I don't share your history and kind of weasled my way in there. I don't think it was bad at all.

I hope to see her again soon. She is good for you, and it is good that you can be yourself around her.

She seems like just the right balance for you.

Enjoy today. Let the serpents play.