President Obama to Indoctrinate Students to Homosexual Lifestyle

The same citizens upset over President Obama's health care reform are now upset that he will be speaking to students tomorrow. It looks like they may have reason to be concerned this time, though. Tomorrow the president is going to talk to children not about health care and how dumb a lot of their parents are being, but on why homosexuality is a route they should consider.

The text of the speech was set to be released at noon eastern time, but was actually released at 12:15. The main body of the speech involves President Obama telling children to stay in school and not to do drugs, messages that I think any well-meaning parent (even the Tea Party Parrot ones) can get behind. When you make it to the final paragraphs, though, it becomes disturbing.

"People with alternative lifestyles should not be admonished. Your fellow students, the ones involved in same sex romances, are to be admired and, yes, even emulated." Some of the younger students won't understand the bigger words, but the message is there. As if it weren't clear enough, the speech continues.

"I am in what is called a 'heterosexual' relationship with the First Lady, my wife, Michelle. Now that works for me. I have a cousin, though, he is a man is lives with and loves another man. He is in what is called a 'homosexual' relationship. Is this wrong? No. In fact, I would say it is sometimes even better. You have to do what feels right and what is true to your heart. And how will you know what is true to your heart unless you experiment?"

Experiment? I have no problem with telling students to do what is true to their heart, but to experiment? Let's continue to the final paragraph.

"If you are hanging out this weekend with your friend, who is the same gender as you, and you two decide to kiss or hug, what is wrong with that? What is telling you no? Your family? Your peers? What if they are wrong? What if your urge is so overwhelming that you can't resist it? Is that wrong? Is that something to be avoided? I would tell you to never avoid love no matter who it is with. If you feel the urge, try it. You may be surprised. Your life may change. You may discover you don't like it. But you will never know until you try. That's what America is all about -- trying. Try and see what works."

The speech can be found here. I now have to wonder if some of these reactive Fox hounds are onto something. I don't care about homosexuality, and like all heterosexual males I'm glad lesbians exist, but this is too much. What next? Piles of skulls of the kind Pol Pot (above) is famous for?

The mind reels.

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