Humboldt County Jury Duty Monsters

I have not had good jury duty experiences in Humboldt County. Granted, they haven't been as bad as my experiences with jury duty in PA, where a warrant was put out for my arrest for failing to appear. Humboldt County is just a lot of wasted time and head scratching. I always get dismissed either for being a writer or having opinions (go figure). I wouldn't mind serving on a jury, but I have well-defined views on the justice system and I let the judge and lawyers know it.

Today I got a questionnaire for what appears to be a Grand Jury jury duty service. I saw that it had to be answered in ten days and promptly put it to the side. I had to make lunch for tomorrow, so checking boxes about whether or not I speak English will have to take a back seat. Besides, I know how the game goes. I'll answer. I'll be picked. I'll show up. I'll wait around a day or two. Read a book. Answer questions about said book. Sit in the box. Be questioned by lawyers. Speak my mind. Get dismissed. Oh, and I'll get mileage or something weeks later. (Last time I did this my payment was late. I pointed out that I had to be on time every day, so the least they could do was get my measly payment to me on time. I was "informed" that it didn't work that way. I told them I'd be sure to remember that for next time. Looks like next time might be here.)

The lack of respect for my time and the fact that so much of it is wasted is what really bothers me about jury duty. (And don't even get me started on it being a jury of your peers. If by "peers" they mean people who breathe, then, yes, they are your peers.) Time is the one thing that can't be replaced. I don't want to sit around. I don't want to watch a poorly acted video about my civil duty. I have to be there. Don't force me to watch crap. (I usually make a point of trying to sleep. I'll ball my coat up into a pillow, sigh, and put my head down when it plays.) Then there is the inane questioning which also wastes my time because they don't want to hear honest answers. If you don't believe me, try telling them you think all drugs should be legalized or that cops are liars and see what happens. I've done both. It is unpleasant, to say the least.

I don't expect this possible Grand Jury experience to be any different from prior Humboldt County experiences. I don't know if Humboldt runs it or the state (which I have even less confidence in) does. Government is government, so I doubt my experience will vary much. Of course, it could be fun, too. I do enjoy fucking with people, and I have a captive audience (much like work), so I could be looking at a few hours of some very interesting experiences.

Either way, you'll read all about it here -- another reason I won't get picked.

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