Humboldt County Health Care Reform Protestors Are Fucking Morons

Mike Thompson. Our Man In The Government. Town hall meeting at Redwood Acres. Yesterday. As will all the health care reform town hall meetings throughout the country, a lot of mentally disabled people let their voices be heard.

You know the ones I'm talking about. The ones who ape what they heard some talking head on Fox say. They shout down people while screaming about not wanting to pay for other people's health care. They want us to take care of ourselves without the government getting involved. They don't get that the government is involved in all aspects of our life already (except where it really counts). They don't get that a single payer system is off the table. They don't get that there are no death panels. They don't get it, so they come off as dumb fucks tilting at windmills, except these dumb fucks carry guns (not at the Humboldt town hall meeting, though).

Here's something that should give these cock suckers for the insurance industry a bit of a pause. What do 75% of all the people who file for bankruptcy due to medical reasons all have in common? They all have health insurance. If that doesn't cause you to question the viability of the current system, you aren't paying attention.

In Humboldt, one guy stood up to speak. From what I saw on the news his wife got sick and he didn't have the money to pay for it. He was proud to announce that he paid for it himself and then demanded the government stay out of his health care. So I question this. Did this guy have insurance? If so, why didn't it pay for his wife's illness. Did he not have insurance and was somehow thinking the government was to blame for this? Did he not want health insurance despite the fact that it's a smart thing to have? What he said essentially broke down to: My wife got sick. I had no insurance. Had to pay the bills myself. Government -- keep your mitts off my problem.

This is the most articulate Humboldt County parrots can get?

I'd love one of these protesters to leave a comment here explaining his or herself. I just want to know your side of it beyond what I see on the news. Here's your chance, but be smart. I don't get flustered like a politician.


Anonymous said...

What's even better about this particular topic? Eve's parents were on the front page of the Standard on 9/3 in the center of the group photo that was above the fold.

Jim, Eve's father, was raising his hand while his faithul Pentecostal wife sat submissively at his side. I can only imagine his line of questioning:

"Congressman Thompson, have you been baptized? Have you received the Holy Ghost? Have you spoken in tongues? No? If you're not with us, you're against us! Jesus don't like socialist commie programs! We want our 'Merica back and we want a President that was born in the USA! Amen!"

My favorite "argument" I keep reading about is the "we don't want a tax and spend gov'ment" nonsense.

Uh, when have we not had a tax and spend government in this country?

Where were these "patriots" during Bush II's 8 years of taxing and spending? Where were these red, white, and blue fashionistas with their Constitutions in tow during his reign?

Obama's empire is really not that much different than Jr's empire.

Can't reason with fanatics of any kind.

Anarchy! *tee-hee*

Jennifer McKenzie said...

I wasn't a protester at those meetings...but I would have been.
Considering the state of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, are we ready to have the government run health care?
Here's my suggestion. Fix Medicare. Make it EASIER to qualify. As one who has had to do the welfare-go-round, it's complicated, inconvenient and disqualification comes easier than acceptance.
Make more people qualify for Medicare and then FUND it.
The government is NOT the "answer". They haven't done a damn thing right so far. Why would we trust them with this?
Increase Medicare's effectiveness instead of creating another bureaucracy.
So far, no one is suggesting it.