Humboldt Tea Party Patriots Back At

Karen Brooks, on my television, again, starts blabbing about the Humboldt Tea Party Patriots. You know of them from my other posts. Just look up the labels.

Healthcare reform. Angry people parroting what they heard on talk radio. Poor and middle class people being played for suckers by both sides of the debate. People claiming they don't want their tax dollars going to people who have "bad" lifestyles. Isn't it ironic?

Here's what I don't want my tax dollars going to.

Corporations. I don't want my tax dollars going to businesses to advertise overseas. I don't want my tax dollars used for bailouts. I don't want my tax dollars used as subsidies. I don't want my tax dollars going to fund research on the public dollar that a private entity (Lockheed comes to mind) will get its hands on along with the profits. Hey, corporations, I'm going to say what your CEOs say to the poor every day. Make better choices and pay for it your damn self. And don't use the threat of pulling tax dollars away from your coffers as an excuse to threaten pulling jobs out to send overseas. Maybe if you do that, we should yank your ability to sell goods in America. Fuckers.

The military. I know we need a "defense," especially with the rest of the world still pretty angry with us over ... everything. Guess what? The rest of the world has a right to be angry. We go after countries because we "think" they have weapons of mass destruction. Guess who has them? Guess who has used them? Yeah, us. If we let the rest of the world use our standards, we'd be doomed. Cut the military spending and send it to humanitarian efforts. Not only is it the right thing to do and makes sense, it's good PR -- something the Pentagon understands so damn well.

Those are the two biggies. Those are the two that suck up more money than anything that is spent on the public. And for all you people who want to cut people off of the same services you take advantage of under a different name -- well, I've found the perfect home for you. It's called a landfill. Dump you in and bury you. I only picked that place because I can't go back in time and put you in the World Trade Center thirty minutes before Hell came down on 9/11. But if I could ...


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