The Charges As Such

It has been said I am an Obama basher. This is, of course, partially true. I'm actually a president basher because I have no respect for the title. I don't respect the office. I don't respect the job. I don't respect the system. And I make no apologies for it.

Maybe in the future we'll have someone who isn't sucking on the corporate tit, who thinks war is the last resort, who keeps their promises, who is interested in actually seeing this country become what it could be. What we've been getting is the exact opposite of what should be. Obama is no different. He's just more articulate than our last jackass, and is slightly more reasonable. He hasn't stopped our illegal wars. He hasn't pulled this country out of an economic nosedive. He hasn't made the corporations a target (though he has targeted them more than any other president in recent history). He hasn't done much of what he promised, and that makes him a lot like every other president who came before him.

You shouldn't be asking why I don't like him or the job. I need to be asking you why you believe in that job and that man. Are you that easily sold? Are you that blindly patriotic? Do you really think that the title alone is worthy of respect? Why?

I'm not out to change anyone's mind. I am out to get people to question what they believe. I feel that's the only way people can progress. Question everything, including me. I can defend myself and my beliefs. Can you?


Nikki said...

I voted for Obama because I thought he'd do a good job, although to be honest, I would have voted for an axe-wielding clown to get the Republicans the hell out. But I thought Obama seemed to have good ideas.

Now that he's in office, I still don't particularly dislike the man. I think he is facing a major challenge. Bush fucked this country in a major way. He wrecked it. He made us a laughing stock of the world at best. There is just way too much damage to clean up, and it's going to take time.

I don't have blind faith in anyone. I don't respect someone just because of a title. But I think it's too soon to say he isn't living up to his promises. In fact, he flat out said that there was no way to fix everything right away, possibly not even in his first term.

So I'm still willing to give him a chance and see what comes. I do feel that if he doesn't find a way to create more and better paying jobs soon, we're never going to recover. That should be his first priority. Health insurance doesn't matter if we're all living on the streets. We need food and homes first, secure those, then worry about the rest.

-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

While Bush did do quite a bit to put us in the hole, the hole was there before we jumped in. It's been there awhile. Citizens of the world have disliked us for decades (arrogance and being hypocrites will attract that sentiment). Clinton didn't do a lot to help, either. Obama inherited a mess. That's for sure. But it's a mess he's happy to be a part of. He offers hope, but with substance.