Happy Monday!

Just another manic Monday! Time to put on smile. Get a gleam in my eye. A spring in my step. Who cares that my back, neck and stomach feel like they've been worked over by the Jew Bear. I'm still a happy guy. I love dealing with idiots all day. It makes me feel like I'm doing the world some good by guiding them through life by their frail hands. Wiping the drool from their gaping mouths gives me a sense of satisfaction not unlike masturbation. I live for these precious moments.

I love sarcasm.

Actually, it's now the thrill of the hunt. How badly can I make someone feel through words alone? How far can I push them? How long until I make them cry? I will take perverse pleasure in dealing with these things.

The sun burns bright. It feeds the fire that cleanse the soul. A gaseous inferno that threatens consumption while at the same time nourishing those who heed its power. The glorious light in the sky. The power that takes the dark away and shuns it to corners best left untouched.

By this light the graves are dug, waiting for their latest tenants. By this light the children shall play upon these graves, happy to know that the stupidity contained beneath shall never pollute this Earth again.

A drink to the sun. A nod to the power.

God, I hate these people.

But if you aren't one of them, have a great day and take care. Don't let stupid grind you down.

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