Follow Up Part 2: Attack Of The Stupid

... and no sooner did I post than another e-mail came through. I'm just doing select quotes. He's going to be pissed. I'm sorry, bud. You brought this one on yourself.

"You hit it on the head. These women are idiots and deserve what them [sic] get."

I never said that and wouldn't. Look at your situation. Where is your wife? She moved out. Why? You like your pain pills ... a lot. Were you always like that? In school you liked your drugs, too.

"... she leaves me! To today I don't get it. She gets me fired and then bitches I can't pay child support. I'm the big badd [sic] guy here? She got me fired!!!"

You admitted to me you got fired for not showing up to work. How is she responsible for that? You went on food stamps and blamed your "state" when you got cut off, though you admitted to not sending in paperwork. You seem quick to blame everyone but yourself. Again, just like you were in school. I've said all this to you before in e-mails. I'm just doing it in public now so maybe you feel some shame. Maybe I should mention your name.

"I'm getting evictted [sic]. I'll be on the streets with no food, no money, no nothing. There's no child support then. She gets pissed at me because I come by her work to see her. How else am I supposed to see her? I can't go to her house.?"

You are getting evicted because you didn't pay rent. You didn't pay rent because you got fired. You got fired because you didn't show up to work. You didn't show up for work because you like pain pills and are lazy. Whose fault is this?

If you're on the streets with nothing it's because you haven't gone back in to get your food benefits reinstated. We don't ask for a lot, but you got to take that first baby step and we'll hold your hand the rest of the way.

She got pissed at you because she doesn't want to see you and you can't take the hint.

And he ends with this:

"Right on! You said it. I'm at the librrary [sic] and I see these women with these kids and you know they are single moms and you think you have to wonder what they did to end up taht [sic] way. You got to wonder you know?? Waht [sic] did they do?"

They left people like you.

You totally misread everything I wrote. Thank you for that. You proved my point. If you send me another e-mail with as much stupidity in it, I will print your name and a link to your Facebook page. You, like far too many other people, have an amazing ability to not connect the dots in your life. If you would, you'd get a clear picture and then you'd possibly be able to change things. Until then, however, enjoy your free Internet in the library you hungry, pill-addled absent parent motherfucker.

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