My Minions Attack AT And T

Yesterday the credit from AT and T came. It sat in my mailbox right atop my last phone bill from the company. The bill, as noted earlier was for $2.17. Any company that runs its business like this (issuing refunds and bills without taking the bill out of the credit) deserves to go under. No bailout. No bonuses for CEOs. Nobody needs a company that runs this poorly. That's why I dropped it.

It's no the money that caused me to switch. It was the company's utter lack of understanding about its own products. (See my earlier posts.) And also its lack of customer service. Talking to people who have worked for the company has affirmed my stance that customer service means zip to the company. Therefore, I dropped it and declared war.

Every check I send, I include my blog address so that employees there can read about this. If any employee wants to post a horror story, go for it. Any readers, too. Enter it as a comment. It will be fun.

AT & T will most likely never have my business again. Never say never, though. It could monopolize everything and enslave us. When that happens, we send the minions out again. Let's have three cheers for the destruction of AT and T!


Anonymous said...

My ATT stories pale in comparison, and I hope it stays that way, as the company is my current high-speed interweb provider.

The scary thing for me is that my billing is wildly different each and every month. Last month was $8. This month $42. 3 months before, $20. Naturally, I call customer service. They can't figure it out and tell me not to worry.

All told, my bill should be exactly $42 per month.

"Just make sure it never goes over the $42, but if it does, call us and we'll refund you the credit."

I stay with them only because they are cheaper than SuddenLink for the connection speed I want.

-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

Good Lord. It's up to you to make sure your bill doesn't go over? Seriously?