AT and T Headquarters Mishap

My war with AT and T continues. This week I received a notice stating I was getting a $53.61 credit. Since this was AT and T, I figured I'd call to make sure this was correct as AT and T has made a business out of not knowing how to run a business.

Sure enough it was true, but I also discovered that, after my final bill, I had an outstanding bill of $2.17! Normally, I wouldn't care. It's less than an issue of "100 Bullets," so not a big deal. Since this was AT and T, however, I had to pursue it. You guys love reading about this, and I love screwing with AT and T.

After talking to a few people at the rotting phone giant, I was put in touch with a seemingly frigid customer service representative. I asked why AT and T was charging me after my final bill. I was told it was for calls made after my final statement. Whatever. I then asked why the bill wasn't taken out of the credit, as that seemed to make the most sense. I was told that it just didn't work that way.

"Okay, so what would happen if I only pay part of this?" I asked.

"We'd send you a bill for the rest."

"So I could pay a nickle, and eventually AT and T would realize it was costing them more money to keep sending out letters?"

"No. We would turn it over to a collection agency," she answered. I had serious doubts any collection agency would take such a small debt. I didn't want to tell her that, though. She works for AT and T and doesn't understand things like "logic" and "common sense."

"Okay," I responded. "Then I'd like to set up a payment plan."

"For $2.17? We don't do that." She was pissed.

Looks like I'll be writing another letter and sending my blog address again. The war continues ...

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