Good Night For A Heart Attack

11:24. Tired. Tired as all hell. Can't sleep. Again. Meeting was today. I went in knowing the outcome. I went in knowing nothing would change. I wasted everyone's time. What does that make me? I wonder. People left there pissed. Things happened. Things will happen. None of it pretty. I had to apologize to people for wasting their time. One after another they said, "Don't. You did a great job."

Yeah, I don't feel like I did.

I don't doubt our words were heard. The physical reactions told us that. I just think we were dismissed. It's not a good feeling, and now I head something that has to make a procedure implementing something that nobody thinks will work well.

I guess people get what they deserve. I forget what anarchist said it (maybe Emma), but a society gets the criminals it deserves. I always believed that. It means that you get what you put up with. You have to be responsible for what occurs. We get the criminals we deserve, the laws we deserve and the policies we deserve.

We got 'em. But this time we fought 'em.

Now what?

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