Leno Loves Obama

You can't miss the fact that Obama made "history" by appearing on "The Tonight Show." Why this is news or history is beyond me. No sitting president has ever appeared on "Attack of the Show," either. Who the fuck cares?

Leno, while not a political analyst, did ask a great question in regard to the financial destruction this country has faced. "Shouldn't someone go to jail?"

Yes. Lots of people.

Most of the Bush administration. A whole lot of CEOs and CFOs. Various politicians both in and out of office. Problem is, they won't go. Unfortunately, more attention is being paid to the president's comments about bowling and the Special Olympics.

Jesus, there's the problem with this country in a nutshell.

People should be in jail, but we don't discuss that in any serious manner. We don't debate it in the mass media on any level that matters. But the administration is forced to offer an apology on a remark that speaks for itself, but there is no press release regarding imprisonment. The news covers this apology with all the seriousness afforded to 9/11. The prison issue is passed over with a mere mention.

Bush should be in prison. Cheney should be in prison. Obama should be pushing to put them there. America should be pushing to put them there. And the rest should follow.

I make no apologies for my anarchist views. I believe in holding people responsible for their actions. I don't believe in prisons and jails, but as a society we seem to think this is okay, so I am asking society to follow through with its ideals and values. If some guy robbed a bank, and a jury found him guilty, he would go to jail. Why isn't America demanding the same thing of its political and business leaders? I don't think I'm being radical here. I think I'm being fair. If I ripped off people, if I conducted a home invasion (the mini version of Iraq), I'd be in jail. I'd be behind bars trading jokes for smokes.

Some mother fuckers need to be held responsible for this mess the country is in. No self-respecting Republican can disagree, either, since personal responsibility is such a big issue to them. (I often say that morals and values are a matter of convenience. I think the last eight years have proven this.)

When Americans are losing their homes at an alarming rate, when jobs bleed out like a slaughtered pig, when soldiers are fighting a war based on lies ... people need to be held responsible. You can't gloss over it and expect to maintain any sense of respect. You just can't.

If the justice system won't hold these people responsible, the people should. These people shop. They go out to eat. They go out on the town. People know who they are. Start to shame them. Start to shun them. Throw shoes. Demand they turn themselves in. Mock them. Make them feel like the scum they are.

If the justice system won't do it, the people need to. If they don't, it will happen again ... and they'll deserve it.


Nikki said...

All of the people that screwed this country over are wealthier than you and I could ever be in twenty lifetimes. The wealthy don't pay for their crimes. If they do, it's in some cushy white collar prison that might as well be a spa vacation. It's a sad fact of American life. But I agree with you completely, they should be held accountable, and they should be forced to pay.

-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

... and since the justice system won't do it, the "just us" system must.