30 Years Of Shooting Things

I am not a huge Space Invaders fan. I've played it in the arcade and had it for the Atari 2600, but it was never a favorite like Centipede was. I read some good reviews for Space Invaders Extreme for the PSP (the year it came out, 2008, was the game's 30th anniversary) and decided to pick it up. For under $20 you really can't lose. Hell, you spend just that much on a hummer and sometimes the outcome isn't nearly as good.

I get the game. I put it into my Darth Vader PSP with the Ghost Rider theme. I start playing.

Good God, it is fun.

Addictive? Check. Colorful? Check. Great sound? Check. Chaotic? Check. Replay value? Check.

In an instant my worldview on Space Invaders changed. Would I recommend it to everyone with a PSP? Yes. There is no doubt in my mind that it should be in every collection. And I say this without having gotten past stage four yet.

If anyone has a copy of the soundtrack CD and wants to send me a copy, I'd be forever grateful.

Click here if you want to order it from Play-Asia.


elistia said...

"Round completed. Fever time." I love that chick's voice.
So how far have you gotten now?
*cough, cough*

-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

I am still at Stage Four. I cannot beat that boss. I'm going to 10 before I put it into "rotation" as I call it. Get this: There's a sequel that is either due out this month or came out already. As of now it is only in Japan, but with any luck ...