Notes to Self

1.  Do not, under any circumstances, take parenting advice from bad parents.  If you listen to them, you will head into disaster at full speed.  Just nod and kindly get on with your day.

2.  Do not, under any circumstances, take economic advice from people who are broke.  Listen to them, though, because it is funny.

3.  Isolation is the key to happiness.  The second you start to let people into your life is the second you start flirting with disaster.  Always keep your true friends close, though, and kill for them if you must.

4.   Turn off your cell phone.  Stop texting unless necessary.  Cut out extraneous contact.

5.  Mystery is essential in keeping your sanity.  Mystery and isolation go hand in hand.

6.  Tell not your plans ahead of time, as naysayers love to say, "Nay!"

7.  Never let anyone's stale opinion's become your navigational tool.  You will end up exactly where you deserve to be.

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