Eureka Phone Scam

Eureka police are warning residents of a phone scam that involves someone claiming to be the victim of a Eureka Police Department employee. This victim is asking for donations.

Eureka's citizens have a pretty low opinion of their police force. Between some widely publicized shooting and extensive in-fighting, it's no surprise to see someone capitalizing on the sentiment. Of course, it's a ridiculous scam, and if anyone falls for it they kind of deserve it. The scam is also indicative of our criminal population.

Eureka, California, for those lucky enough not to live here, is not exactly a mecca of enterprising criminals and competent detective work. In fact, I'd for so far as to say the police and criminals kind of deserve each other half the time ... with a few exceptions on either side of the fence. I've lived in places where both the criminals and the police were far scarier than could ever be imagined here. I don't miss it, either.

I almost wish this scammer would call me. I enjoy those types of things far too much, and that would be no exception. Instead, I'll have to stick with the telemarketers and occasional wrong number. Maybe someday ...

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