More Search Word Fun!

Once again, Regan Reese has drawn people to the blog.  This time people were looking for iPhone crap and a bukkake interview, neither of which could be found here.

A few others were pretty self-explanatory, too.  "Lindsay Lohan Naked" (just go see Machete.)  "Longpig" (go figure).  "Raw Lust."  "Side Boob." (Seriously, with all the porn on the net, this is what you look for?) Those were normal.  The not-so-normal ones were pretty amusing, too.

The first that caught my attention was "people blank eyes."  I cannot imagine what shut-in typed that into Google.  Nor can I imagine why.

Then there was "pocket aces murder."  This was disturbing since "pocket aces" is the title of my book.  "Murder," however, had me wondering what the fuck that was about.

Then there were a slew of searches for Shirley Temple.  Shirley Temple in her twenties, Shirley Temple naked and Shirley Temple porn images.  I know what brought those people to my site (it was my piece on swastikas in art, which also brought a lot of people here), but to think people were looking for Shirley Temple porn images (as if this possibly exists) is a whole other level of creepy.  It reminds me of a search term I found back in March: masturbatingseniors.

Why, Lord, why?

Again, with all the porn available (including side boobs!), why on Earth would you want to see masturbating seniors?  Why would you want Shirley Temple porn images?  Why would you think that exists?  I understand that there are pedophiles out there who may want to see such a thing when it comes to Shirley Temple (though how old would those pedophiles have to be to remember her?), but aren't there better things to look at?

I suppose I should be grateful people are coming to the site at all.  Even if they are looking for "sadist porn" and "underage strippers in Humboldt County."  It just makes me wonder about the sanity of our citizens.

Oh, and here are two interesting searches where people are actually mentioned:  "christine swannack, aromas" (wonder what that is about) and "david bossie is a lying piece of shit."  That sort of says it all.

Next month I'll do another report on the searches that bring doomed souls to this blog in search of disturbing pornography, cannibalism and the dead eyes and strange aromas of people.


Nikki said...

I think the words "Shirley Temple Porn" are the creepiest I've heard all day. You attract some strange elements! I always love your search words posts, even if I did turn it around in a moment of dyslexia and thought it said "word search fun," then was a little disappointed when I discovered that you did not, in fact, create a word search puzzle for us to complete. Odd to be disappointed, since in general I'm not a big word search fan. Not enough thought involved.

-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

"Shirley Temple Porn" is weird and creepy. The mindset that would look for that begs all sorts of questions, none of which I want answers to. Was he (assumption, but probably correct) looking to see if some existed for research purposes, or was he looking for actual porn involving Temple either as a child actress or in some other capacity?

Strange days and ways, indeed. Can't wait to see next month's.