The Taste of Blood Made Me Want You

I was going to write on my movie blog tonight, but an e-mail sort of made me think a bit.  The e-mail had one kind of toss-off line, and it came after I wrote a lengthy e-mail to a friend who is currently overseas.  It took something out of me.  Writing about Children of the Corn was going to take more effort than it was worth.  That rarely happens to me.

Now I'm tired and hungry.  I am thirsty.  I am watching good friends get so stressed out about that place I serve time at that many are leaving, thinking of leaving, or will be leaving if only because their bodies will have shut down.  The stress they feel is killing them.  I am thankful that isn't me, not because I don't have stress.  No, it isn't me because I'm not letting it be me.  I am fighting that, and while it isn't easy, it is necessary.  If only to keep my sanity.

Yeah, I'm about burned out for the night.  Tomorrow is a new day.  I fear, however, that it won't be any different.  And that is the best definition of Hell that the world has to offer.

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