Friday at the Horror Show

Up at 4:30.  That's the a.m. for all you time challenged folk.  Quick shower.  Quick feeding of the animals.  Several cups of Muddy Waters Crossroads coffee (the symbolism surely not lost on many of you).  The manuscript.  Something so liberating about creating the lives of characters that had only previously existed in your head (and in a now lost manuscript and e-mail excerpts sent to some people) and who will meet a fate worse than death.  Even more gratifying when there are so many people pissing me off in the real world.  This "therapy" keeps me from gutting them where they stand. 

Most of my free time as of late has been taken up with reworking the manuscript and getting stuff together to sell either in a mass eBay exodus or yard sale, and since we are hitting the wet season in Humboldt, eBay looks better.  I'll get better sales there, too, as Humboldt residents are notoriously weak or would rather trade pot for CDs and movies.  The manuscript, however, has been far more pleasurable.

The second best month of the year is here.  October.  Things start dying.  If only some people went the way of leaves.  Turning pretty colors and then dropping to the ground to be raked up and burned in barrels rusted by nature's tears.  I know the smell of burning flesh is far worse than that of leaves, but I do think you can eventually get used to it.  It would be the thinning of the herd this planet so desperately needs. 


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Nikki said...

I love October, and the fact that all the damn stinging insects meet a miserable death or burrow somewhere far away from me for at least a few months.

Hey, at precisely 4:30 AM your time, when you were awakening to a nice cup of coffee and a shower, I awoke to find a river running through my entire basement apartment, culminating in a lake in the living room. Luckily Jake's room was spared and he has a TV in there, otherwise his morning ritual would have been shot to hell too. I'm not a happy camper today. Not by a long shot.