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The past two days have been a flurry of friends who were never very political in the past asking me to vote either yes or no on Proposition 19, which would decriminalize pot in California.  I think I've written on this enough here and in other places that most people would know my general stance on it.  I haven't read all the details yet, but as of now my opinion hasn't changed.  I think Bill Maher hit it on the head that this is the wedge issue Democrats can use.  Strange how it's this that gets people to the polls and not something more important like war or other economic issues.

On that note, more people have talked to me about the legalization of pot than they have over the governor's race, which is something I also find strange.  It seems inevitable to me that pot will eventually become legalized.  If not this election, soon.  It just makes common sense.  Sort of like gay marriage.  The governor's race is less inevitable, and probably far more important.  Neither candidate is ideal, but this is one time you can plainly see the value in voting for one of the lesser of two evils (other candidates don't stand a chance in this race).  Normally I'm against doing such a thing, but here it is so apparent what the outcome of each candidate's policy could be that it seems like this would galvanize people moreso than weed legislation.  Maybe the governor's race is too boring or something.  Perhaps they can discuss it on the unemployment lines.

With such a huge push to stop illegal immigration, I'd love to see the Native Americans get involved in it.  Only, instead of using the slightly scary faces of leering Mexican males, they use white Wall Street types.  That would amuse me to no end.

I think the Tea Party has a good idea in tapping into people's ill-conceived fears and then making them turn against their own self-interests.  At some point a few breakaways will open their eyes.  I just hope it's not too late, but knowing history, it probably will be.  By the way, has anyone seen that witch's birth certificate?

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