Wonder Woman Needs Your Help!

Earlier this year Film Threat ran my interview with Jennifer Wenger.  I sought her out after watching Confessions of a Superhero, an incredible documentary about the people who dress up as superheroes in Hollywood.  Wenger, as I stated at the beginning of the piece, was the stand out.  Not only was she drop-dead gorgeous and smart, but she also had the best story of the bunch.  That film is not all she's done, either.  She's been in My Name is Earl and True Blood to name two. 

Sunday, while shopping with my daughter, my cell phone goes off.  I don't get to it in time, but the message was a surprise.  It was Jennifer, giving me a call about some exciting news.  She sounds super thrilled, so I text to her to find out what is going on (I don't like making calls when I'm with my daughter).

Jennifer has found what could be the role she was made for.  David E. Kelley, you know him from fifteen thousand different TV shows, is doing a Wonder Woman TV show (rumored, Jennifer tells me, to be in the classic costume) and Jennifer is making a push to get the role.  She played it in Hollywood.  She freakin' looks like Wonder Woman.  She's got talent to match her looks.  This seems like a slam dunk.

But nothing is a sure deal in the land of plastic surgery disasters.  That's why I'm writing about it here.  I'm trying to drum up support.  Yes, there is a Facebook page.  Yes, people are responding favorably.  I would ask that if you think she's the one for the role, you make your voice heard, too.

And then, when you're done, check out Confessions of a Superhero so you can see what I saw in her.  It's a great movie on it's own, but she sends it over the top.

Jennifer Wenger is Wonder Woman.  If she doesn't get the role, I won't watch the show.  Period.  And I may be forced to beat up Kelley if I ever meet him.


benjamin said...

I think she is pretty amazing, I went to high school with Jenny I was a freshman, she a senior,I also had a really big crush. I have known she has been acting for a few years when I saw her on A local news station in Tennessee.She has amazing talent and I have invited all my friends to help her. I also live in California Sacto. "Good Luck" Jenny Ben Haynes

benjamin said...

If she is not the perfect person for the role, than nobody is. She looks great in the custume, amazing eyes that just capture you, and a great personallity. To the producers and directors: Whens the premier?