The Delusional Suicides of American Citizens

Awe inspiring. That's what comes to mind when I think of the Tea Party. As I start this post, NBC has reported on its own poll that shows Republicans are set for some major wins. Tea Party candidates (angry gnats swarming without a destination) are looking to get new taxpayer funded jobs. Democrats are to be looking for new ones. None of this is really surprising ... well, except for the fact that Tea Party candidates and party members (show us your bags!) don't make a lick of sense.

"I'm not a witch ...." It's a refrain that's been echoed time and time again. You hear this more than anything logical about this party. How can a party that opposes government spending being looking for taxpayer funded jobs? How can people opposed to government handouts be on Medicare? How can a party opposed to bailouts and welfare (I'm assuming this is both social and corporate -- it's rarely stated) shop at large corporations like Walmart? It's easy when you realize that rational thinking is verboten in the party line.

This rather large group of primarily white people borders on insane. Rarely have I seen such a large group of people support something that goes against their own self-interests. John Stewart and company can poke fun at it all they want (and the do), but if this group of people is that easily led astray by people not even in power, what will they do if they get power?

I'm all for being opposed to big government and restrictive laws. I'm also for common sense, something as lacking as books in the home of the average Tea Party member. These angry citizens, who are adamant about their anger but less so about reality, have some valid points, but their hypocrisy sells them out to anyone willing to spend five minutes examining what they are saying.

I've written about this time and time again (even so far as to point out some of Humboldt's Tea Party parrots taking of public funds for their own business). I know I may be preaching to some of the converted, but I also know a Google search can send some of those people this way, so if you are one of those Tea Party people, I'd like to hear what you have to say. Tell me where I've gone wrong here. Honestly, I'm so stunned by the downright stupidity I see that I'm tempted to take on of your poorly spelled signs and beating some sense into you with it.

Your most public spokesperson may not be a witch, but she, like many others in your fold, is an idiot, and that becomes more apparent every time she opens her mouth. Why do you think she refuses interviews?

Bush was dangerous, but I never got the idea that he thought he had all the answers, and he never seemed to act against his own self-interests. I fear what would happen if a Tea Party parrot got into the White House because there is nothing worse than someone who feels they have all the answers ... especially the ones that go against their own value system and yet they don't realize it. That spells danger any way you look at it.


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-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

I might go to the next "gathering" in Humboldt if only to fuck with them. I'll stand amongst them with a sign that says "Abolish Medicare" or some such nonsense, but be one of them. I did the same when Newt Gingrich came to Redding.