Monday Mourning

Got a great call and series of texts last night that I'll go into more detail on here in the next few days.  It has no real affect on me other than being happy for someone.  That's a fairly alien feeling, so I'll relish it while it's here.

According to the news the US is warning its citizens traveling to Europe to be "cautious."  Nothing specific.  Just be careful.  It's kind of like what your mom says to you every time you tell her you are doing something.

Terrorism is, of course, a problem, but I'm actually a bit more concerned about my own government.  That's just me, though.

Oh boy.  Apparently $69 million of CA state welfare money is spent outside the state in places like Las Vegas and Hawaii.  This report comes from the California Department of Social Services.  An election year.  A state in a budget crisis.  "Welfare moms" spending your tax dollars at places you, a "hard working" guy, can't afford to take your family to (like Guam).  If you don't see where this is going, you haven't been paying attention to ... anything ... ever.

(Of course, whomever released this report also sees the writing on the wall and has stated that budget cuts have hindered the agency's investigation.  "We want your money!")

Man, this is not going to be good, and I can already see the political ads.  "Meg Whitman will cut welfare money, which is being spent at strip clubs in Las Vegas.  This money will be diverted to the wealthy so they can hire illegal immigrants to clean their toilets.  Jerry Brown wants to give them more money and drive them to the clubs."

On a related note, the budget for California will be announced today.  Writing, meet wall.  Wall, meet citizen -- head-on at 90 mph.

Happy Monday, hard-working, coke-addicted, plastic surgery disasters known as Californians. 

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