Loaded Gun and a Cocktail

Gotta love Ewik's work.  He does sexy women like few others.  If I had the bills, I'd buy several of his paintings on put them up for inspiration. And honestly, about the only thing sexier than a woman with a gun is a woman with a guitar.  Both images show that the woman means business.

There's this movie that goes by about seven hundred different titles, but is typically known now as Thriller -- A Cruel Picture.  It is a bit of a rough film, but the iconic image of the eye patch wearing female armed with a shot gun and in a long black coat is one that sticks with me.   Then there's Poison Ivy from The Cramps and any of the various ladies from Nashville Pussy.

Sexy.  Pure sex, actually.  Women drummers, while fine, don't really conjure up the same feelings.

And let's not forget women in uniform.

A few years ago Sybil Danning autographed this photo of her and Sheri Moon Zombie dressed as the Nazis from the film Werewolf Women of the SS.  I've got that hanging on my wall.  Lovely. 

I think it's the idea of the woman not being a victim, not being subservient, not taking any lip, that makes it sexy.  I have some female friends who think they aren't sexy for any number of reasons, never realizing that sexy is not a weight issue or a hair issue, it's an attitude issue.

At least for guys who care for things beyond the superficial.

Guns and guitars ... and the occasional questionable uniform.  Yeah, it doesn't get much better than that.

Well it does, but it usually involves a double-barreled shotgun being leveled at your face.

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