A Good Way to Open a Monday

The first song I heard on the radio today was off The Devil's Rejects soundtrack.  That movie is one of my favorites, so I was pretty excited to start my Monday this way.  Some people didn't get it or care, but others, like Knife Fetish Girl (you know who you are), totally understood the meaning of that.

I struggle with weekdays for the usual reasons, but to start the week off with this gives me hope that maybe all I need to get through the day is a little Otis.  I think I'll just drown out the pointless meanderings of the clueless minds and just go to that happy place where justice and responsibility aren't things to be scared of, but to be embraced.

It's amazing how one song can bring back memories and make you feel invigorated, ready to destroy all that gets in your way.  I am almost looking forward to it getting underway (almost, just almost).

Smoke 'em if you got 'em, folks.  

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