Headache Musings

Massive headache.  Making my eyes water.  Laid down.  Made it worse.  Got back up.  Got a film review to edit and a book to finish so I can write a review of that one.  Gotta make this headache disappear before tomorrow, or the movie I'm going to see with my daughter is going to do a number on me.

A bunch of my co-workers did a charity bowling event today, which gives them good karma and makes them better humans than myself, as I worked on my writing most of the day.  I've been very selfish about my time lately, and I'm not sure why. 

The taco I had for dinner (courtesy of Amiga's, which has great salsa and Death Paste, too) makes me wish I could make one that good.  I cannot, though, so I don't even try anymore.

To all my co-workers who bowled today:  Cool thing you did.  You are all a good bunch of people, and I consider myself lucky to work with all of you.  I would be hard pressed to find a more caring or giving group. 

Okay, the eyes have stopped watering.  Time to lay down again.  Night all. 


drj v2010 said...
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drj v2010 said...

sorry you've got a headache. hope it goes away in time for the movie. i know you'll manage to get the writing done somehow.
i didn't actually wear the love doug tshirt. that would have been creepy...even for me. and wilson would have given me sh*t for it. but check out the "bad girls" photo: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=31101585&op=1&view=all&subj=1073889137&id=1435885296.
it wasn't awful but it's definitely not something i could do on a regular basis.

-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

I will have to check that out.