The Face of Healthcare Opponents

I am a registered Republican.  Not because I believe in what the party has to offer.  No.  I'm a registered Republican because I get to vote in the party's primaries, take part in its polls and get all their mailings.  I'm not a huge fan of Democrats, either, but looking at what has gone on the past few days, I have to say that the Republicans not only look like uneducated backwoods morons, but they actually seem proud of it.  Granted, not all of them, but it's the ones who aren't who are even more disturbing than the ones who are.

Why aren't they speaking out against what is going on?  Palin using war talk.  McCain endorsing that and saying there will be no more cooperation the rest of the year.  (Was there any in the first place?  What an empty threat.)  The ones who aren't ignorant aren't calling those who are out on the carpet.   Why is that?

The Republicans lost the healthcare debate.  They had a chance to participate.  Blew it.  The Democrats sent it home, for better or for worse (I believe a little of both), without the aid of the Republicans.  They took a page out of the Bush administration playbook and said, "Fuck you, we're doing it anyway."  And now the GOP doesn't like it.  Doesn't like it one bit.  Palin is so angry she may actually read a book or something and get herself edjimacated.

Do Americans really tolerate sore losers?

People who know me or read a lot of my "stuff" know I have problems with both parties.  I'd much rather see this "kick ass and take names" approach used for good (like healthcare reform -- real reform -- not what we got) than as a prelude to war.  Which leads to another question: Where were these tea baggers when they realized their tax dollars were going to mercenary groups in the desert?

Did the tea baggers not know their tax dollars supported war and Haliburton?  Or did they not care?  Hey, tea baggers, here's a thought:  When all those Iraqi war vets come home and develop oddly colored semen and facial tics twenty years down the road and the government refuses to help them because there's no proof it is tied to some crazy chemical cocktail they were exposed to fighting for some oil overseas, this healthcare reform may end up helping them.  That's a good thing, right?  Or would you rather they just suffer silently?

I don't disagree with everything the Republicans stand for, just like I don't agree with everything Democrats preach.  I do, however, calls them likes I sees them, and in this case the Republicans are proving just what sore loser, whiny, unpatriotic pricks they really are.

Thanks for having me in the party, though.  I'll be sure to have fun with it in the upcoming elections.    

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