The Lioness and Her Cub ...

I'm reclined on my couch.  Back is on fire, as is my stomach.  Kill Bill Vol. 2 just finished up on IFC.  The news is now assaulting me with Tea Party morons yelling about socialism in reaction to the passage of the tepid healthcare reform.

May all your dreams be wonderful, indeed.

I'm thinking that tomorrow night when I get home from work I'll make coffee (something I rarely drink at night), get some writing done (essential), and, if the back is still trying to kill me, pop a pill and call it even.  Top Gear will be playing in the background, and the siren song of codeine will lull me into a false sense of security. 

I'm watching some incredible footage of a volcano eruption in Iceland.  Simply beautiful.  I love watching nature's rage.  Reminds us of how little control we really have over things. 

On a humorous note, I noticed that the page views for my video game blog, 8 Bit Disasters, jumped by over 1,000%.  Why?  Two things, really.  I wrote about Final Fantasy-inspired porn and Farmville.  Because of this, my revenue went up, and my numbers went apeshit across the board.  Sad and funny.  I can write about politics until my ears bleed and nobody gives a fuck.  Write about porno with fictional video game characters and a Facebook game based upon agriculture of all things, and suddenly people start paying attention.  (On a related note, a lot of people come to this blog because they entered the term "how to pick up prostitutes" into a search engine.  Why someone has to look that up is beyond me, however.  Hookers don't exactly make it difficult to find them or engage in their services.  If you have to do an Internet search in how to pick them up, it should give you a hint that maybe you don't want to be doing that because you're the exact type of guy who would get caught.  What you should be looking for is "the legality of prostitution" in your area.)

All of this leads me to believe that animals are reliable and people are insane.

One of my co-workers is bringing in brownies tomorrow, which makes the burden of Monday far more tolerable.  Looking forward to that.  She's a nice co-worker with a great sense of humor that plays well off mine, and she's also a good baker.  I'm hoping the brownies are kind of gooey, as that's how I tend to like them, but I'll be fine either way.  Brownies equal smiles.  As do shotguns and Social Darwinism.

A friend e-mailed me and told me those new Pacific Shrimp tacos from Taco Bell were disgusting and he was kind of surprised by that.  My response?  "Really?  Isn't that like being shocked that masturbating with sandpaper could be painful?"  Shrimp tacos.  Taco Bell.  At what point does any of that seem like a good idea?  Am I missing something here?

Time to read ...


Nikki said...

I have a question that maybe you can answer, about the whole health care thing. I am reading that they had to change the wording on the abortion issue to make sure no extra federal money went towards funding abortions, because the pro-life movement doesn't want their taxes going towards such things.

Who pays for executions? Aren't there just as many people against the death penalty as abortion? Although ironically, usually not the same people. Who pays for the war? Aren't there many people who are adamantly against the war? Although again ironically, usually not the same group of people shouting "save the babies" while blowing up doctors. Don't taxes fund these things as well? There are also many vegetarians and vegans in America who feel it is morally wrong to kill an animal for food. Yet who subsidizes the meat industry? Why do the pro-life people get to make sure their taxes aren't covering something to which they are morally opposed when no one else gets a say? Why are their "morals" more important than mine? You usually have good answers, maybe you can explain it to me.

-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

Maybe, just maybe, AIPAC is involved. No, that's just crazy.

(It's not. I was just being sarcastic.)