A Passion for Destruction

Friday.  The day before a three day, much needed weekend.  New Orleans, due the destruction courtesy of Katrina five years ago, is all over the news. 

A murder happened in Kneeland.  This is where my latest manuscript is set.  The footage on the news is exactly how I imagined my setting to be.  I've been to Kneeland all of once.  I have no desire to return.

There is the promise of rain this weekend.  It's a promise I hope is kept.  I want it to wash away some things.

I had two wonderful conversations last night.  A dinner with a friend, whose cable I fixed (very manly of me).  A night-time phone call with a friend I miss having around.    She and I talked of books, the dark nature of humans and art versus the artist.  If all my conversations could be as good as the two I had tonight (and I am lucky whenever they occur), I would be a far happier person. 

The end of the day can't come soon enough.

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