Fatal Kiss

A decent amount of sleep was gained last night.  Not the best kind of sleep, but sleep nonetheless.  Hey, it was over six hours worth.  That's a good thing, and inevitable considering the lack of sleep the night before.

I wrote a bit.  Worked on the manuscript that is doing me more harm than good.  My mind was a bit thrown off by a conversation from earlier in the afternoon, and missing a conversation I usually have at night.  Nothing I couldn't deal with, though.  A little Social Distortion often puts things into perspective.

I imagine this week will be much like other weeks.  Maybe better.  Maybe worse.  I'm trying not to care that much, and that seems to be working out okay.  Time will tell, however. 

Did a bit of cleaning yesterday.  Threw a lot of stuff out.  Felt very good.  Going to do more this week.  Reduce the clutter.  I'm shredding notes from a previous life.  Back from when I felt more human.

My daughter is a great barometer of people.  She knows the good ones.  She said something to me on Saturday that kind of hit home pretty good.  Observant words.  Heartfelt words.  Words that made me smile.

If I remember those words, this week will be great.

If not ... well, I'm no stranger to lost sleep and stress induced pain. 

The world awaits ...

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