Harnessing Dark Matter Through the Black Sun

I watched a special on time travel last night.  There was talk of harnessing dark matter that seems to be throughout the universe.  There was no consensus on whether or not it was possible or even worth it, as much of our understanding of the stuff if based only on theory.

Is it a natural property of space, or it is a form of energy spread so thinly throughout space that to harness it in any usable form would be about impossible?  Could it even aid in time travel?  (My theory is that it is probably far easier to engage in time travel through gravity manipulation -- putting an incredibly dense object between the two points of travel to draw them together.)  Of course, what wasn't discussed is that it could be something all together different.  I have read theories that link dark matter with the Black Sun, some have even posited that dark matter comes from the Black Sun, and then there are those that think dark matter is the Black Sun.  I'm not sure either of those are right, but I do find it interesting.

If dark matter is the stuff between spaces then I would agree that utilizing it for energy purposes probably shouldn't even be pursued.  If, however, it is a property of space, then we should spend some time looking into ways to utilize this and find its source.  Dark matter apparently makes up 80% of what's in the universe, and accounts for 23% of the mass-energy density of the observable universe.  Still, little is understood about it.

The Black Sun, a source of power and knowledge by symbolically and physically in many different belief systems (occult and with many National Socialist groups) remains only a theory.  If pressed, I'd say it exists as a god for the godless.  People tend to need a symbol (be it an old white man in robes or a black sun) to focus their energy on.  It's way the Nazis utilized it as a symbol in its quest for world domination, examinations of forbidden technologies and its spiritual beliefs.  Symbols are, of course, important, and they have power.  The many symbols of the Black Sun suggest something unknown, forbidden and very powerful.  Theories have been put forth, but nothing has been proven.

Comparing dark matter with the Black Sun is akin to using math to prove the existence of God.  The dark matter being the equations.  The Black Sun being the answer.

The world's largest machine, which also happens to be the world's highest energy particle accelerator is the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) located near Geneva, Switzerland.  The LHC is 17 miles in circumference and lies 574 feet under the earth.  This machine, which, again, puts out more energy than anything else man-made on this planet, shoots particles at one another in order to address and answer many different physics and universe questions.  One of those things it is trying to reproduce and answer questions about is dark matter.

 A large, circular machine hidden beneath the earth puts forth tremendous amounts of energy in order to replicate the beginnings of the universe and answer questions about dark matter.  A large, circular machine hidden beneath the earth ...

The Black Sun.

Symbolically, at least.

(If you are a person who likes to play with numbers, the LHC is actually 27 kilometers in circumference.  The most widely recognized symbol for the Black Sun, which was used by the Nazis, is taken from a mosaic in the floor of room at the castle of Wewelsburg.  The Nazis made this the ideological center of the SS.  Who made the symbol, it should be noted, is not known.  It may have been there before the Nazis, or the Nazis may have made it.  Either way, the mosaic is in a tower in castle that was to be the center of the planned estate.  This planned estate was to be 1.27 kilometers in diameter.)

I find the idea of the Black Sun, dark matter and time travel to be fascinating.  The Black Sun itself was in play long before the Nazis started monkeying with it, and it exists today in many different popular works of science fiction.  It is used by political and occult groups, both of which have been attached to the scientific community chiefly through Operation Paperclip. 

It is highly interesting stuff, and while it may ultimately mean nothing scientifically, it has come to represent a quest for truth, power and knowledge.  In the end, that may be the Black Sun's greatest accomplishment ... and power.

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