Thank God for Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin, that rogue agent of change for the Republican party, has been back in the media eye as of late. Honestly, it's as if she had never left. Best known for running for Vice President, this maverick has a book out, served as the governor of Alaska, and has an award-winning smile that melts the hearts of even the most liberal of the bleeding hearts.

The only problem is that she's as dumb as a fucking goat corpse and if this is the new face of the GOP ... well, not even that drug addict Rush Limbaugh can help it.

Palin was never a maverick or rogue. What she was was typical. Red-blooded, backwoods, conservative because she can be -- there was nothing new or special about her. She came out of nowhere and should have faded there just as fast, but something about her caught the attention of the media (it just can't be her stupidity) and the Republican Party (though I can't help but think the more intellectual of them most clench their teeth every time her name pops up). To call her a maverick or rogue is like calling the pop group Hanson "cutting edge" and "artistic." It may look good on paper, and Palin may actually believe it, but the sad fact is that she is so typical that if she were a tad bit uglier none of this would be happening.

The Golden Dawn is arguably one of the biggest influences on modern occultism. Bram Stoker was one of its many member, and though the temples associated with the original order faded thirtysome years ago, it lives on and by some standards has even undergone a bit of a revival. The order was started in 1888 and its influences, while readily apparent to those into the occult, mysticism, and forbidden and hidden knowledge, are with us to this day. To those who don't dabble in such things, the influences on the modern world are not readily felt, though that does not mean they are not there. Poetry, the Western fascination with Buddhism and even medicine owe a debt to the Golden Dawn as members of it have been directly involved in these activities and one cannot help but wonder how those members' pursuit of knowledge bled over into their other activities because the Golden Dawn was, if anything, thorough in its pursuits.

The Golden Dawn has staying power. It has influence. It remains largely unknown by the population at large. Comparing the Golden Dawn to Palin seems unfair at first, but it serves as a wonderful contrast.

Palin has been presented as someone with influence, someone with staying power, and as someone who will potentially lead another group known as the Republican Party. Palin, of course, is none of these things. She is a, however, a scapegoat, a sacrifice, a pawn and a cruel joke. She engaged in nepotism, and seems almost proud of her ignorance. It is easy to imagine Golden Dawn members looking at the rise of Palin with something akin to admiration as it has served as a distraction as to what is really going on behind closed doors.

The Golden Dawn has had splits within its ranks, much like the Republican Party seems split on Palin. There are those who embrace her as the party's saving grace and who feel that she is the face they want seen. Others look at her as the dismissive hoax of a politician she is to everyone else. Republicans, who have never been known to be kind to women or their issues, have slowly changed its stance on such things, and Palin is substandard proof of that. A pregnant teenage daughter, a working mom -- what's not to love? The Golden Dawn has seemingly always let women into its fold, making it a far more progressive organization. It is also unlikely that the order would have let one of its female followers be offered up to be the sacrifice Palin is bound to become, but any group that allows Aleister Crowley to be a member (and that's not to say he didn't come without controversy) should always be viewed with some suspicion. In that respect, Palin and the Republicans share quite a bit with Golden Dawn.

Palin and the Republican Party have no tangible or meaningful ties with Golden Dawn, however. At least none I can find. I just find it interesting to see a large organization with influence in all our daily lives get zero media attention (think of the last time you heard it mentioned) while a person destined to be a footnote merits the media spotlight every time she menstruates. It's a strange world, one that doesn't always make sense. The weak and the lackluster are painted as saviors and gods while the learned and influential are relegated to the memory hole.

Then again, if you want to find the ties to the occult, they are there in the actions of the Republican Party toward Palin. It is an elaborate ruse meant to distract and misguide in what one expects to be a grand master plan that involves courting new voters, keeping old ones and perhaps presenting a candidate in opposition to her that would ensure not only a worthwhile shot at the White House but, more importantly, a media debate centering not on Democrat versus Republican but Republican versus Republican. What an excellent way to dominate the gatekeepers.

Perhaps the Golden Dawn isn't the only group pursuing the unification with the divine now is it?

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