The Storm Arrives

Humboldt County, like much of the Pacific Northwest, is in the grips of the first "real" winter storm of the season. High winds, cold temperatures and tons of rain (again with keeping the hot stain status at bay). It's a comforting thing. I live for these winter rains. I know some people get depressed by too much rain, but me? I could have rain every day and be happy.

I've been up since 3:32. Before that I was sleeping soundly. I've come to peace with some decisions, and though I'm stressed about the budget and my car, I'm just going to do what I have to. When I wake up that early, however, I can't help but thinking about what is going on.

Students are protesting at schools throughout California due to tuition hikes. They are dumping garbage, marching and so on. I enjoy watching that sort of thing. I wish more people did that. Imagine hundreds of Sacramento residents dumping their garbage on Arnold's doorstep. What a happy photo op moment. Made even better by the fact that he won't be running for governor again. He states he's not a politician. No argument there.

Haven't decided about going to work yet. I'll probably go, though I feel even worse than I did when I was running a fever (which I may be running now -- just don't have the energy to check).

One week until the people impregnate the malls. Will consumers defy expectations? Will they spend less than last year? How will customer service be with businesses not hiring extra help? Who will get trampled in a rush for some China-produced toy? Target opens at five a.m. that day (a move I'm sure the employees are happy about).

La, la, la. Tis the season to consume.


Deleted said...

i swear to buddha...you come to work on monday sounding the way you sounded today...

-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

Crap, I know. Today I almost actually stayed home. I thought about my ten o'clock interview and realized how screwed up it would be to give that one to someone due to the nature of it (not that I did anything wrong with it, it's just a beast) and decided, "Well, shit ..."

Joke is on me.