Cheating Time and Space

I got little in the way of sleep last night. Cleaning up a mess until close to midnight and then trying to lay down with a headache that threatened to turn my brain into a thick soup at the slightest movement did not make for a restful eight hours. Instead, I got around four and a half. That is, unfortunately, nothing new.

I used to not care about sleep. Thought it was for lightweights and the weak. I still feel that way in many respects. Now that I don't get much of it, however, I find myself needing it more and more. I am getting sicker because of it and stress (can't prove it, but I'm sure), and I wonder how long until I have some sort of total body breakdown that results in an inability to do anything. It can't be long. I can feel that. So I can either drive myself to that point and get it over with, or try to fix it, which I have but it hasn't been working.

I see my little girl today, so that will be good. I go to work today, so that will be bad. Cyber Monday (porn for shut-in shopoholics) will provide great amusement to me in one form or another because I love when people stick to their prescribed roles and the news reports it as if it were news. So, yes Virgina, there are good things in this world. It's all in where you look for them. Free shipping and %75 off Tiger Woods gear can only bring smiles to the faces of the masses.

Oh, and the conservatives should be thanking Rumsfeld for letting Osama bin Laden go free so that he can be a thorn in the side of ... well, everyone. Way to go, Sport-O! The Fox "news" morons will have their own spin on this like they do everything else, but you really got to hand it to the Bush administration. If history doesn't put it down as the most corrupt, inept administration of this era, then we'll know Fox won.

Come to think of it, doesn't Cyber Monday really sound like a porn thing? I don't think I can tell the difference anymore.

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