A Cry for Help in a World Gone Mad

Hey, simple reminder, plea, warning -- whatever. AK Press is always looking to add more Friends to its roster. Being a friend (for a very reasonable monthly fee) gets you one of every book, DVD and CD that AK Press publishes and gets you 20% everything in the catalog. You can't find a better deal. If you think you are politically minded (left bent), and you aren't a Friend, then you aren't politically minded. Period.

The publisher is doing a friend drive. If you sign up and say I, Doug Brunell, sent you, we both get tote bags featuring the new AK Press logo thingy. It's $25 a month, and the amount you get in books along makes up for it. A lot of it is anarchist in nature, but there are also books on race, religion, the environment, school, social issues and so on. Plenty of Chomsky and Churchill, too.

Great ideas for the gift giving/extortion season, too.

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