Police Pick Up Hookers in Eureka

Because there are no more serious crimes to pursue ...

Police did a bust outside the Eureka branch of the Humboldt County Library, an area notorious for prostitutes. Something like four of the little ladies were arrested after the police say they received numerous complaints, which they probably did. Imagine, if prostitution were legal in Eureka, and brothels were re-established (Old Town used to be a hot bed of hot beds), we would have all kinds of tourist dollars, and the the hooking would leave the streets.

I've never been to a prostitute, though I've been lucky enough to talk to a few. They tend to be nice women with good stories to tell. They are trying to make a buck (often times to support a drug habit), and they have a very dangerous job, but that doesn't stop them from doing it. And lest you think it's a pleasant job, would you like to be paid $20 to suck your penis? I think not. So don't knock them until you've taken several dozen strange penises in your vagina, okay?

With this story making the top five minutes of KIEM's news, I thought I would mention it, as it falls in line with my last post and the decriminalization of things like drugs and prostitution. Granted, in front of the library isn't the best place, but it's closed most of the time and is away from restaurants, so at least they thought it out somewhat. When the police flat out state they did this to send a message and make the hookers more cautious and less bold, it actually starts to sound like the police realize that its a problem no amount of arrests will make go away.

Why keep tossing money at it? Couldn't everyone's time be better spent, too? And if the police were really serious about stopping prostitution (which they don't seem to be), why not go after the johns instead of the hookers? This sting operation reeked of by the book annoyance. How bold. How daring. What next? Jaywalkers? School yard bullies? People who tear the tags off furniture?

I feel for the people who don't like prostitutes in their neighborhood. I wasn't always fond of it. You can get rid of them without involving the police, however. Just start taking pictures and video footage. Works every time.

Since Eureka won't take the innovative step of decriminalizing prostitution, I'll personally extend a invitation to those outside of our city limits. If you are thinking of traveling to Northern California why don't you stop on by and experience one or two of "ladies of ill repute." The police rarely bust prostitutes, and it's even rarer that they go after johns. You can usually find hookers working outside the library on 2nd Street, but they also can be found throughout Old Town after business hours. They typically have on jeans or sweats (and for some strange reason either denim or black jackets), and walk slow. When they hear your car, they will look back or to the side and try to make eye contact with you. If you indicate you are interested, they will come up to the car and tell you they need a ride. What you do after that is up to you, but I hope you drop some dough here, as Humboldt really needs it.

And while you're at it, why not pick up a bag of weed, too? You can smoke it in your hotel room and say things like, "Look at me! I'm the governor of California!"


Tina said...

No, no, I think it's pretty smart of them to walk the street in front of the Library. Think about it, people coming to restaurants bring dates with the purpose of playing doctor afterwards, while library rats are more likely to be confused where they have ummm a certain aching... Unless of course they read Boccaccio and the like...

Deleted said...

before i became gainfully employed when i returned to humboldt county back in 2000, i spent a lot of time wandering around old town with my journal in hand, people watching and writing (and not fully enjoying the fact that i was unemployed and didn't really care all that much--something that comes real close to feeling like regret but since i don't do regrets, that can't be what it was). anyway, i would wander to the library a lot as well because i took to those windows facing the bay. i'd go sit at those windows and zone for hours, staring at the water. after one of my zoning expeditions, i was waiting for the bus when this guy approached me and propositioned me. i had my headphones on and i was reading a book so i immediately got irritated that i was being disturbed. after he left, i replayed the conversation and realized that the conversation was actually a proposition. why it didn't dawn on me immediately that an offer to "go somewhere" and "i have some money" was a proposition is beyond me. i think i was caught up in being irritated. when i got home, i opened up my journal and began to write all of the possible courses i could have taken with the guy; ie going and robbing him, going and killing him, going and being killed, going and winding up just talking...you get the idea. i was pretty broke at the time and had less regard for my personal well being than i have now. it was crazy to think that there is a market out there for someone in the package that is me--that prostitution could even remotely be an option for me. i considered carefully...not seriously, necessarily...but carefully.

the other thing that happened near the library...i was wandering into town from the myrtle ave direction. i decided to check if the library was open on my way to old town. i can't remember what day of the week it was. anyhoo, i got to the door and realized it was closed. as i was walking away thru the parking lot, i turned around and there was a fella there sitting on the bench beatin off. i kept walking. i turned around again. he looked straight at me and continued with his business. if i had only had a camera!
i love this town.

they ought to leave the hookers alone unless they're shankin johns and not disposing of the bodies properly.

-Doug Brunell "America's Favorite Son" said...

I ran into a man masturbating near the bay once. Wonder if it was the same guy. Had I been quicker on my feet, I would've laughed and laughed. You should've done some kind of grotesque dance. And as for the disposal of johns, that's where Avalon gets its meat.