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Satanism, Social Darwinism and fascism have all sorts of connections. I'll admit to having an interest in all three if only from a practical and sociological view. Satanism I think is interesting in what it puts forth and how it freaks people out. Social Darwinism appeals to me in that it tends to thin the third (or should). Fascism is what I think of when I think of ways to control the herd that has not been thinned.

But how does this fit in with my anarchist leanings?

It's a balancing act. I believe morals and values are fluid things, but my desire to see a world free of governments and unjustified authority remains solid. I believe people should be free to do as they want as long as it doesn't infringe upon anyone else's rights. Sometimes this belief has led to confusion and arguments with people, but it is how I live my life and how I will continue to live it.

Yes, I call the police ... but only when I think I can use them to my own ends better than I can control things myself. Yes, I believe murder is often justifiable but not when done by the state. Yes, I think we are far better off when people are responsible for ourselves, but that the responsibility has been taken away from us, so you are left with people who don't know how to be responsible for themselves. On a small scale I have compassion, but when it comes to a grand scheme picture it becomes a disaster.

I see people every day, wandering the streets of Eureka, who have left society behind, but yet depend upon it for their very survival. They dig through the trash for scraps of a society they no longer contribute to, and that has left them behind. Their are people whose survival depends on an institution they hate, and I have a job in government that helps a lot of these people out. Don't think I haven't pondered the contradictions or how it fits with my political beliefs. I have, and justify it (correctly or not) by saying that if I work for the government I'd rather it be in the capacity to help rather than to harm (though the definition of "help" will depend upon who you are asking).

And this is where the three sisters (Satanism, Social Darwinism and fascism) come into play. The first two are all about personal responsibility, which falls in line with my anarchist views (though anarchists tend to believe in helping people out to a far greater extent than Satanists). The third sister is what you do when people lack social responsibility. It's a means of control to make life better for those who think they alone are responsible for their well-being.

Unfortunately, fascism is often equated with the use of force, but so is communism, capitalism and democracy and that is because they are all systems of control. The reason fascism is far more appealing to me is simple: it's scarier and sexier. Black suits, bold symbols, and an unwavering use of violence strikes fear, and fear is a great motivation tool. Is it effective? To a point, but it eventually falters. I think, however, personal responsibility can be brought about without such extreme measures, but it will take fear, and that fear is based on actually being held responsible for your actions.

I don't want jack booted thugs marching the streets instilling some dictator's idea of might is right. I'd be one of the first to go because I speak out against that sort of thing. But I don't want people to know that there are some people you should not fuck with. If that takes the fear of violence, then so be it.

I firmly agree with Satanists when they say you don't disrespect someone in their lair. I also feel that if you bring stupidity and weakness to a person, you can't expect respect. You invite scorn and loathing. When you beg for help, you must take what is offered, or turn it down. Don't take it and complain because you have put yourself at someone's mercy and deserve only what they see fit to give you.

Yes, there will be those who find this morally reprehensible to say the least, but I am being honest, which is more than I can say about many people. If you don't think of yourself as a responsible, trustworthy, productive person, what's the point of going through life? If you see yourself as those things, you'd have to agree that those who stand in your way are at the very least a waste of time. If you think about it, time is the one resource you cannot renew, and therefore any waste of time is a threat unlike any other. Some transgressions should not be ignored, others should be celebrated.

Your morals and values are your own. You can judge me or not. I really don't care. My morals and values have been dwelled upon for over twenty years and have only become stronger as I witness the world around me lose its sense of self. Now that I have a child, I am even more convinced that the future of the world rests in a form of tough love that will (hopefully) lead to freedom for all, for at the end of the day I want to live in a place where every man, woman and child (no matter their religion, skin color, sexual preference, etc.) is free to act as they want while at the same time giving others the same freedom. I also want to live in a world where the people who fight that or abuse it are dealt with swiftly and surely. I don't want freedom at the barrel of a gun, however. I want it at the fear of something worse. I want it at the fear of losing your individuality.

There should be no stronger motivation.

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Nikki said...

My mom once joked that I bought my morals on Blue Light special at Kmart. Obviously that was a long time ago, as I don't even think they have blue light specials anymore.